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The document of simple template engine 'Kataita'.


program nameSifr Kataita
summaryThe tool to generate multiple text files using table data through template.
supported languageSystem message is in English. Any language in UTF-8 codeset will do for use.
dev evironmentVisual Basic .NET 2010
developped byTakayuki Murase


You can see files bellow if you expand downloaded zip file.

  • replace.txt - replace data table
  • kataita.exe - the main program of Kataita. Execute this to use.
  • kataita.exe.config - Program config file.
  • template.txt - template file


Required performance

Kataita is light because this only does string edit. This may work if NET Framework 4.0 works correctly.

I checked the work with CPU:2GHz, 2GB memory PC.

Dependent library

.Net Framework 4.0



Download zip file at Download section and expand it.


Delete Folder generated when the program have been installed.

Kataita won't write registry.


How to execute.

  1. fill in replace data table
  2. fill in template
  3. execute kataita.exe

fill in replace data table

The codeset of replace.txt must be UTF-8 / UTF-8N, and the Newline-code is CRLF.

You can guess the format of replace.txt. the left-hand field is output file name. top line is replaced string. the others are replace destination strings.

fill in template

You can use UTF-8/UTF-8N codeset for template.txt. the newline-codes CR/LF/CRLF will be inherited by the output files.

execute kataita.exe

Execute kataita.exe inside the installed folder.


kataita.exe.config is XML file.

You can change the path of template.

	<setting name="template_path" serializeAs="String">

You can change the path of replace table data.

	<setting name="replace_table_path" serializeAs="String">

You can change outpu folder.

	<setting name="output_directory" serializeAs="String">
		<value />

You can change output codeset.

	<setting name="output_codeset" serializeAs="String">


  • Sifr Kataita is free-software. Distribution not for free, discompiling, reverse engineering are forbidden.
  • Author don't have to improve Sifr Kataita even if some problem is found in Sifr Kataita.
  • Use at your own risk. I don't owe responsibility even though Kireina-Onesan asked.


Date Link Version Comment
2012/02/09 Sifr Kataita 100 100 Release