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The document of outline processor 'Alresala'


program nameAlresala(الرسالة)
summarystructured-text editor = outline processor
supported languageEnglish, Japanese. You can use in other languages adding language file in language\ folder.
dev evironmentVisual Basic .NET 2010
created byTakayuki Murase


Demo image

Alresala demo image

There's Alresala demo-image bellow. You can view/select/edit tree structure on the left-hand-side panel, and text on the right-hand-side panel.


Outline processor suits for creating structured document. For example, Direction and Story. You can check overview easily and grub where you are.

On the other side. Outline processor is not good for writing stray thoughts. In this case, it might be good way to use other text editor.

Multi language

Alresala supports multi language use. You can change system language following menu: "Help -> Language"

English, Japanese language files are available as default. You can add other languages in language\ folder.

Supported file format

Alresala uses original XML file format STSML(Sifr Tree System Markup Language) for file IO. In addition to that, SDLML of Assafha for file IO, and Text, HTML output also be available.


You can see files bellow if you expand downloaded zip file.

  • language - folder to store language files
    • default.txt - current language file
    • English.txt - English Language file
    • Japanese - 日本語.txt - Japanese language file
  • alresala.exe - program body. You should execute this to use alresala.
  • alresala.exe.config - program config file
  • sifr-dl.dll - Library file
  • sifr-ts.dll - Library file


Required performance

Alresala is light because this only does string edit. This may work if NET Framework 4.0 works correctly.

I checked the work with CPU:2GHz, 2GB memory PC.

Dependent library

Sifr Tree System ( sifr-ts.dll included)

Sifr Definition List ( sifr-dl.dll included)

.Net Framework 4.0



Download zip file at Download section and expand it.


Delete Folder generated when the program have been installed.

Alresala won't write registry.


Execute alresala.exe.

Exit program

Follow menu: "File -> Exit".

Edit node

Add node

Click + to add node. You can add child node if some node is selected.

Delete node

Click × to delete node. A node should be selected to click this.

Move node

Click 「 ← → ↑ ↓ 」 as you like and you can see.

Edit node id

Type F2 key while a node is selected.

Note: ID must be unique.

Edit text

Select some node and edit text. The change will be refrected immediately.

Save file

Follow menu: "File -> Save" or "File -> Save as".

Open file

Follow menu: "File -> Open Append" or "File -> Open New".

"Open Append" then new node will be appended inside selected node. "Open New" then existing nodes will be cleared.


The file alresala.exe.config is XML and it stores configuration about the program.

If the 0 bellow will be changed to 2, HTML output heading starts from h3.

    <setting name="HeadingBias" serializeAs="String">

If True bellow will be changed to False, No index will be generated in output HTML

    <setting name="HtmlOutputIndex" serializeAs="String">


  • Alresala is free-software. Distribution not for free, discompiling, reverse engineering are forbidden.
  • Author don't have to improve alresala even if some problem is found in alresala.
  • Use at your own risk. I don't owe responsibility even though Kireina-Onesan asked.


Date Link Version Comment
Developping Sifr Alresala 120 120 Add HTML template support
Developping Sifr Alresala 110 110 Find / Replace support
2011/11/22 Sifr Alresala 100 100 Release