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Definition List

The document of Definition List DLL which has Key-Value structured class like DL tag in HTML.


program nameSifr Definition List
SummaryThe library to store list of key-value-pare.
UINothing (Library)
LanguageAny languages in UTF-8 set.
DeveloppedVisual C# .NET 2010
AuthorTakayuki Murase


You might be able to guess how to use if you add the library to reference.


  • Sifr Difinition List is free-software. Distribution not for free, discompiling, reverse engineering are forbidden.
  • Author don't have to improve Sifr Difinition List even if some problem is found in Sifr Difinition List.
  • Use at your own risk. I don't owe responsibility even though Kireina-Onesan asked.


Date Link Version Comment
2012/02/05 Definition List 100 100 Release