Sifr IT

Sifr is a private website about IT, which contains essay and studies (。◕‿‿◕。)ノ


target readers and purposes of the website.

target readers

Unless there is explicit notice, I estimate the readers know about IT to some extent. This is not for beginners.

Purposes of the site

Following 3.

  1. release hand-made tools
  2. design skill up
  3. memorandom of my study

release hand-made tools

This is natural wish for programmers.

design skill up

One day, I 've created a website then I was despaired of my design. So I've been looking for a phantom of cool, hot, and brilliant design.

Memorandom of my study

We need to reduce the risk of "Wow something's wrong with my hard disk".


  • design renewal and systemizing
  • design renewal and rename
  • website release